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At Haute Note, we have three different styles of personalized note cards, with each style having a variety of different themed images and graphic designs… and multiple customization options for each one.

haute note signature cards

Haute Note Signature Cards -


Haute Note Signature Cards are distinctive in their long, lean shape. These elegant cards are perfect for stashing goodies like tickets and gift cards and feature a special “display-friendly” back flap.

Folded card size is 3.75″ x 8.25″

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haute note classic notes

Haute Note Classic Notes -


Haute Note Classic Notes are ideal for those design savvy folks that prefer a folded card with a traditional shape.

Folded card size is 4″ x 5.56″

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haute note classic flats

Haute Note Classic Notes -


Sadly, due to an unexpected and dramatic price increase from our on-demand printer, we are currently unable to offer our Haute Note ‘Classic Flat’ style of cards.

We DO continue to offer our Haute Note Signature, and Haute Note Classic Note cards.

Sorry for the inconvenience.

haute note’s other products

Haute Note - Wine Tags, Haute Note Mini Cards, & Bookmarks -


Haute Note also has beautiful Wine Tags, Bookmarks, and our “perfect for the hand-delivered gift” Petite Note Cards. Something to accessorize a gift for any reason, in every season.

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Haute Note - Personalized Stationery & Custom Note Cards -