about haute note

Long ago, in a world without email, e-vites and instant messaging – before a few hurried lines of type zapped through cyberspace became a socially acceptable way to express deep sentiment – people sent cards. Tangible, ink and paper cards that could be displayed on a mantelpiece or fridge before getting tucked away somewhere special to mark a moment in time.


In this spirit, Haute Note is a modern take on the centuries-old tradition of personalized social stationery, offering elegant cards that reflect the distinct taste and style of the sender. But don’t let the term ‘social stationery’ fool you. Our cards aren’t just for ladies who lunch. They’re for anyone with an eye for design and a love of the written word.


Because, despite the current obsession with electronic communication, we believe that some messages still deserve ‘special delivery’ – and for these we’ll take a mailbox over an inbox any day!


Haute Note was started in 2006 by Geraldine Zinsli and Yasmeen Strang, two young moms with a passion for paper.  Since 2013, Lorie and Bob Gray have continued with the same quality of service and maintaining the accessible, affordable, personalized stationery our Haute Note customers have come to know and trust. 


In 2017, Lorie expanded the Haute Note brand, by creating
Handmade Hellos by Haute Note — One-of-a-kind handmade art cards, sold individually, and available through our Etsy website.


With over 250 designs… in a multitude of images, patterns and themes… with three different card styles, as well as other lovely paper items… there is something for every reason, in every season.

Haute Note – a modern paperie, celebrating paper and ink, in an electronic age.